The rejuvenating effect of the aged skin by Dr. Fukaya’s skin repair lotion was published as a medical paper.

 One year has passed since Dr. Fukaya’s skin repair lotion went on the market. The main component of the lotion is around 100k Dalton-sized hyaluronan which has been confirmed to rejuvenate the aged skin. As the data is of the component and not of the lotion itself, the lotion was studied if it really rejuvenates the aged skin.
 (It is an open access journal and everyone can download the whole contents. Click the above figure of the journal and move to the download site.)

 The following is the summarized content. Sorry for a little difficulty in understanding due to specialty.
 10 healthy aged individuals over 65 years old were enrolled. They were indicated to apply the lotion twice a day for 14 consecutive days on the neck. The skin was biopsied before and after the 14 days’ application and immmuno-histologically examined.

 The results were as the table.

  PCNA(proliferative cell nuclear antigen) is a marker of cell division and proliferation. Filaggrin is the main component protein of the corneal layer. 11βHSD1 and 2 are a little complicated to be explained. It has been revealed that the skin itself produces steroids (cortisol). The 11βHSD1 is associated with the activation of steroids while 11βHSD2 is with its inactivation.  If 11βHSD1 decreases or 11βHSD2 increases after application of the hyaluronan lotion, it means that steroids within the epidermis is suppressed by the lotion and that can be one reason why the hyaluronan lotion make the atrophic skin recover.

 The results show that PCNA increased in 8/10 cases, filaggrin increased in 6/10, 11βHSD1 decreased in 5/10 and  11βHSD2 increased in 5/10. The rate of the cases in which  11βHSD1 decreased or 11βHSD2 increased was 8/10.
The real images of immunohistochemical staining are as follows  in case 1 for example.

 a: PCNA, b: filaggrin, c: 11βHSD1,d: 11βHSD2. Upper: before application, lower: after application. The brown color means positive findings.

 From the above experiments, it was concluded that 1) Dr. Fukaya’s skin repair lotion has an efficacy of rejuvenating the aged skin. 2) The mechanism might be shifting 11βHSD1/2 balance.

 Though the above study is about the aged skin of healthy individuals, it can be interpreted to the steroid-induced atrophy. It is because the atrophic skin due to steroids is also reported to recover by the same Dalton sized hyaluronan as the aged skin.

 By the way, considering the fact that the aged skin and the atrophic skin due to steroids can both recover by the same hyaluronan, I suggest that the following can be said.

To apply topical steroids to the skin is very near to making the skin age.

 The difference is that aging can’t be removed while topical steroids can be withdrawn. Anyway, I strogly recommend my hyaluronan lotion to all steroid-users. It might be a little expensive but it really works to prevent atrophy.

 Don’t misunderstand me that I am only a merchant of my lotion. I am enough satisfied with my present successful situation and income as a cosmetic surgeon. The reason why I am transmitting information about TSA or suggesting my lotion is my outside interests.
Moreover, as a dermatologist also, it is really exciting to know the mechanism of the skin by which topical steroid addiction might be caused.
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 The folowings are addition in response to the comment of Javeriya Iftekhar.
 Patients after long TSW period present more aged appearance than the real age because the swelling enlarges the skin especially around the eyelids.
 Of course my lotion doesn’t improve this kind of sagging. The excessed skin should be excised surgically in such cases.

Just affter the upper eyelids surgery.

One week after the upper surgery and just after the lower eyelids surgery.

Two weeks after the upper surgery and one week after the lower eyelids surgery.

 The price in my clinic is JPN 120,000 (about US$ 1,200) for the upper eyelids and JPN180,000 (about US$ 1,800) for the lower eyelids. I think they are absolutely reasonable. That is my everyday work. I don’t see patients with TSW or AD because I don’t like to charge money for only an advice. However, you are welcome if you like to make your appearance younger surgically.
 This kind of work really keeps my mind healthy because I can charge money for my real skills and the result appears in only one week. It is too hard for doctors also to wait until the natural recovery comes with very few medical intervention. That is why I changed my work. But I am still transmitting information through internet like this because I know very well that my knowledge about TSW is precious for patients.

 There is another option for improving finer lines. I will address it next time.
  Please click here as for the clofibrate ointment. It is a non-steroidal agent with mild anti-inflammatory effect.

 Sorry, the comment column is not available now. But the author believes readers can find some hints to overcome their own situations by the previous comments.

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  1. Wow great to know about the benefits of Dr Fukaya lotion..i just want to point out a difference may b m wrong but a naturally aged skin is irreversible while steroid atrophied is reversible to sum extent over time ..plz correct me doctor if m wrong

    1. The steroid induced atrophy is not always reversible because time has passed at the time of recovery. But I also suggest that the aged atrophy is not absolutely irreversible because that is why we cosmetic surgeons exist. :)

  2. thanks for the correction :) .. i read that skin repair lotion heals the fine lines caused by ts ..since m nt that a long term user(22months) shud i use dr fukaya skin repair lotion for my fine lines under eye..i dunno if it dermal atrophy or or lines are due to thick shiny skin i have during my tsw..i need ur guidance doctor how to use skin repair lotion..

    1. Either will do. If you have enough money, you can “try” it. If not, I suggest you don’t need. Don’t take it so seriously about the lotion.

    2. PS: Either will do because you are not using TS at present. If you are using TS, I strongly recommend to add my lotion.

  3. i dont need? u mean my fine lines will not go with ur lotion :( ..m soo sad is there any solution to it?? m just 5 months in or shud i wait to see improvements? my lines are so fine tht it cant be captured in a cam but are visible in sunlight if one looks closely..dermal atrophy never recovers doctor?

    1. For young patients with not so long period of application of TS, time is the best solution though it is stressful to wait. My lotion is effective for the aged individuals or steroid users for recovery or prevention of atrophy. However, you can use the lotion as cosmetics of course. It might be comfortable and lessen the minimal aging fine lines.
      As I have already mentioned in the last of above article, there is a method for fine wrinkles (dermal atrophy) between waiting for natural healing and surgery operation for larger skin excess or folds. It is platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. I will write about that within a few weeks.

  4. thanks soo much for taking the pain of putting up ur article . sorry..i didnt read thru earlier ..doctor i dunno y but i never had swelling of eyes or sagging during my tsw uptill now dunno wats next after 5months..just few lines on the outer corner of the eyes NOT inner..i feel skin there is lil thick ..n i have seen ppl reviewing abt dr fukaya lotion that it reduces those lines .. thats y i wanted to ask u about the safety of its application..its not that costly quite a reasonable price ..is the delivery possible on all addresses or there is sum limitation to metropolitan cities of a country??

    1. From your name, I suppose your residence is in India.
      Please refer to the EMS information of the following site.

  5. thanks soo much for the link my city is mentioned therein but...i have done a mistake the pincode of my address was nt mentioned n i have put my address during ordering ...wil it deliver on my address ? city is mentioned but pincode isnt covered.. sorry for such a silly question ..:)

    1. It must be an inquiry to the shop.

  6. Dear Dr Fukaya, may i ask you a few questions?
    (1) For TS users, how do we apply your lotion? Should we apply BEFORE, TOGETHER or AFTER the topical steroid?
    (2) How many times a day should we use this lotion?
    (3) Do we apply the lotion on the steroid site? Or we should cover other areas which we don't apply steroid? Thanks.

    1. (1)Either will do.
      (2)The experiment was twice a day because TS application was also twice a day. So I recommend using every time you apply TS.
      (3)You should apply on the steroid site. But There is no problem to use on no steroid site also.

  7. Hello, I am strongly thinking about saving up to buy your cream. However I read you saying this cream is more so for aged people who have used topical steriods. Is this correct? I am 28 years old, I used the topical steriod for Trimincilone 1% for 20 years mainly on my face, I have been off this steriod 1 year 4 months I have developed darkness and lines around my eyes there is no rash around them..because I am still young will this fade away over time? Or do you suggest the cream?

    1. If you were me, I will try to use it. That is all I can say.


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